yangtze-river-china-asiaSwim the Yangtze River

We will be swimming the equivalent of the Yangtze River as it runs from the Northern Tip of Shanghai to Zhenjiang (113.07 miles – or 3,980 laps in our pool).

When: The Laps begin on January 2nd and will conclude on December 15th 2017*.

What: All swimmers who complete the distance of 100 miles or more will earn an ‘I Swam The Yangtze River’ T-shirt AND be entered into a drawing to win a FREE YEAR of BRYAN YMCA Membership**!

Cost: $20!

* A chart of Lap totals will be updated every 15-30 days.

** Every 100 miles swam is equal to one (1) entry in the membership drawing.

***Members may non win back-to-back free memberships


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