Bryan YMCA is not currently offering a Lifeguard Class.

Join the YMCA lifeguard staff and trainers to become a certified YMCA Lifeguard.

Participants must be 16 years of age or older, at the end of the class and be able to pass the physical competency requirements listed on the registration from. All participants must complete the Physical Competency Swim prior to registering for the class. the registration form for Physical Competency Swim Requirements.

At end of class you will receive:
YMCA Lifeguard Certification
ASHI CPR-PR Certification
First Aid and Oxygen Administration Certification
CPR Mask
Fanny pack
Whistle w/lanyard
Lifeguard Manual

The Spears YMCA is will be offering classes in and May.

The Hayes-Taylor YMCA is will be offering classes in May.


For more information please contact James Wright at 336.478.9622.