2005_Houston_08_hr webDid you know that a 30-minute walk in the water is equivalent to a two-hour walk on land? Water resistance offers an excellent opportunity for muscle toning and body sculpting. Water also cools the body during exercise, which reduces stress on the heart and reduces the risk of injury by lessening the impact on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and bones.

Water Exercise is $19 a month for members or $51 a month for non-members. This includes all classes.

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Aqua-Arthritis: M/W/F 8:30am This shallow warm-water class features light to moderate jogging and exercises geared towards the joints, back, knees, and shoulders. Low Impact. Perfect for Beginners!

Aqua-Combo: M/W/F 6:00am This early morning warm-water class features both shallow and deep water workouts. Low to Moderate Intensity.

Aqua-Jam: T/TH 6:00am This fun and lively early morning class utilizes music for rhythm-based aerobic workouts. Moderate Intensity.

Aqua-Mind & Body: T/TH 7:00am This brand-new morning class incorporates Yoga and Tai-Chi poses for a soothing exercise experience.

Arthritis Plus: M/W 9:30am A low-impact, moderately intense warm-water water aerobics class which combines both light cardio with a muscle toning workout. Designed for those with Arthritis.

Deep Impact: SAT 9:00am This low to moderate deep-water workout in warm water provides a great start to your Saturday!

Hydromania: M/W 6:00pm A relaxed but invigorating cool-water work out in a classic style of water aerobic exercises. Ideal for those wanting to achieve more flexibility and overall wellness.

Lunch Time Turbo: T/TH/F 12:00pm This cool-water class provides an invigorating lunch-time exercise routine in both deep and shallow water.

Tidal Waves I: T/TH 8:30am This class incorporates walking, stretching, weights, and yoga poses for a well-rounded Aqua-Fitness experience. Class meets in deep, shallow, cool, and warm water.

Tidal Waves II: T/TH/F 9:30am A slightly more intense version of Tidal Waves I (see above).

Wave Runner: T/TH 6:00pm This deep water class incorporates Aqua-Jogging stretching for a low to moderate fullbody workout.

Each Class Runs 45 – 60 Minutes in Length and is assigned a staff instructor. In the absence of a staff instructor, that day’s class is cancelled.